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WuffPresenter 1.0
Released 1. August 2005

WuffPresenter is available for
$ 8

WuffPresenter - small, but nice...
The easy-to-use presentation software.


WuffPresenter is a tiny software allowing you to create slideshows or presentations of your pre-existing files the easy way. Save your files as PDF or as images to a folder together with WuffPresenter... and off you go!

No more compatibility problems if you need to present on a foreign computer: as you bring along your presentation software, you are truly independent.

The slideshow is based on the PDFs, images and Quicktime-movies in your presentation folder. Last-minute adjustments are simple and intuitive.

What WuffPresenter does do
  • You can integrate all sorts of files, as long as they are saved as PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF, MOV, AVI, QT. This allows you to use a maximum of you pre-existing files without redoing them in another software.
  • Your files will be displayed in alphabetical order within your presentation folder. We suggest using numbers to sort them (001_file.pdf or
  • If you want to do last-minute adjustments (e.g. you need to cut out slides), just send them to the end of your presentation by changing the filename (i.e. zzz_file.png).
  • WuffPresenter will always show the first page of a PDF document. Make sure to save every page you want to show as single page.
  • You can integrate movie files. Getting to this file the movie will not start automatically. You decide when it starts: click the Play-button or hit <spacebar>. As extra feature, you can pause and continue as you like.
  • If you need to go back or forth to a specific slide - e.g. in a discussion - you can easily get there using the Menu-button.

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