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WuffCam 1.5
Released November 15th 2005
New Features:

Camera is choosable in the camera settings (to be opened below the preview)

.Mac integration in the 'Follow Up' section: You can upload the image to your .Mac account

New menu: Check for Update

New menu: Feedback

Preparation for universal binaries, so WuffCam will also run on Intel in the future

Minor bug fixes

> Version history  

> Webcam Server
> Webcam Sharing Browser
> Settings (only saving-options)
> Widgets

WuffCam is available for
only $20.

Welcome to WuffCam
Webcam Software for OS X

  • for QuickTime-compatible cameras
  • combined server and client
  • easy-to-use user interface
  • continuous development
    (lifetime serial number)
  • system requirements: > Mac OS 10.3.7

  Display Options
  • controllable size of images
  • easy camera control
    (like hue and saturation)
  • selection of the camera possible if multiple cameras are attached

  • displaying the image with customizable text and image fields
  • the text fields can contain time and date information

  • image transmission from a WebCam or any still image
  • delivery of pictures through Rendezvous to the WuffCam-client
    or Safari or any other Rendezvous-enabled Web-Browser
  • integrated HTTP-Web-Server
  • automatic server startup after program start

  • image saving options: locally or to an iDisk
  • different image formats
    (GIF, PNG, JPG, TIF)
  • time controlled transmission of images to a FTP-Server
  • time controlled execution of shell-scripts or AppleScripts
  • time controlled transmission to your .Mac account

  • recognition of the server through Rendezvous
  • image reload every „x“-seconds

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